The Auctioneer

"The Auctioneer" is another thriller e-book written by Dirk Lemmons. Non stop action from the moment the gavel hits in the opening page to the twisted ending leaves the reader breathless.
This is the fourth book in a series of books starting with "Hackers Canyon" followed by  "OIG" (Original Internet Gangster) and "The Farmers Mafia".
"The Auctioneer" like all Dirk's previous books percolates up from the unusual life experiences Dirk Lemmons has lived. A Licensed Auctioneer since 1998 Dirk brings
the real life excitement of the Auction to the page of this book. From the dusty treasures found in obscure boxes of auction lots at a country estate sale to the high roller
stress of wall street auctions driven from high finance bets that don't pan out, the intrigued and excitement are non stop in "The Auctioneer".  Put your bid in for the e-book
before it comes out in hardback.

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